A day in Amalfi

June began, the worst of the pandemic has passed and we can look at summer with more serenity. So let’s continue our tour of the Amalfi Coast. Did you read the previous episodes? Let’s do a little recap: what to do one day on the Amalfi Coast and what to do one day in Positano.

Instead today we are in Amalfi, one of the four Maritime Republics that already made it a rich city in antiquity thanks to relations with all the other rich cities overlooking the Mediterranean.

Amalfi is without words, another unique and rare beauty of the Amalfi Coast, it is said that “for the Amalfi who will go to Heaven, it will be a day like any other”.

The Duomo, the alleys, the caves

The Cathedral of Amalfi, dedicated to S. Andrea is certainly one of the most important symbols of the city and of the Amalfi Coast. Its huge staircase leads to the entrance of the Church and especially to the Cloister of Paradise. Perhaps not everyone knows that the Duomo includes two communicating churches. one of which, the Basilica of the Crucifix, is the oldest nucleus of the Duomo.

Small streets and alleys are like the veins of the city and our advice, even in this case, is to let yourself be carried away by a perfume, a suggestion and to walk aimlessly (apparently) through Amalfi. Starting from the Vegliendola quartier it is also possible to reach the monumental cemetery of Amalfi, which overlooks the city and Atrani.
Amalfi is also known for its caves: the most famous? The Emerald Grotto, located right between Amalfi and Conca dei Marini and accessible both by land and by sea.

Trekking in Amalfi

From Amalfi it is also possible to go trekking to the Valle dei Mulini and the Ferriere. It is a very simple route, it starts from Pontone, near Scala, and lasts about three hours between streams, waterfalls and luxuriant vegetation. It was here that the ancient paper mills (the Carta della Amalfi) once stood, which benefited from the presence of water to make the mills move.

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