A day in Capri

We have often wondered in these weeks what this summer will be like, if there is a summer.
For now we cannot know it, even if we hope that normalcy will return soon here and all over the world. Then, after the first days of dejection, the only thing we can do for now is to continue to dream and not lose sight of beauty of our land which is our lifeblood and which is the thing we all love.

From Sorrento to Capri

And if we have to talk about dreams well, we can only start with the most beautiful of dreams: a day in Capri.
Now try to close your eyes, relax and start the journey: you are in Sorrento early in the morning, on the dock of the port, the sun is warm but not suffocating and you are about to embark to go to Capri.
A few minutes and you are in the open sea: behind you the mainland is already a memory, the outline of the island begins to appear in front of you.

The closer you get, the more you can distinguish the contours, the rocks, the sparkle of the water. The wind touches your skin and close your eyes to enjoy the moment, reopen them and here they are: the Faraglioni the eternal symbol of Capri. It’s time to stop, take a dip and immerse yourself in the cobalt blue water off Marina Piccola, what a thrill! And then with your hair still wet and the skin that tastes like salt go down to the ground, to visit Capri and Anacapri on foot and fall in love again.

And after a walk, something to eat gets back on board, it is the most beautiful time of the day, the best time to visit the Blue Grotto and let yourself be lulled by the bright water that has that color only there and only at that time. And with these images in your eyes go back to Sorrento and start the dream again…

And imagine you’re already here: watch the video:

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