A day in Positano

Our tour of the Amalfi Coast continues, for now only virtual but very soon live …

As we said here a few days ago to get an idea of ​​the Divine and to have a first taste as with an appetizer in a good restaurant, Positano, Ravello and Amalfi can be kept as reference points for a day on the Amalfi Coast.

We are going to Positano today from Sorrento. Ready? Go!

A day in Positano

Positano, the pearl of the Amalfi Coast, Positano trendy city, Positano a thousand colors. Positano vertical city.
All these appellations represent the many souls of this seaside village that has become a favorite destination for Italian and foreign celebrities since the 1960s. The memory of Jackie Kennedy is still alive: you could spot her with her ankle pants and low sandals, graceful and elegant, in the streets of the town.


Our advice is to get carried away by instinct (and wear comfortable shoes) and walk without a specific goal but keep in mind two or three points not to be missed. Keep in mind that there are a lot of stairs and climbs (for this Vertical City) but on top of each of them, the panorama of the colored houses that go towards the sea and the sea and the sky of the same color, will fully repay the effort.

The church and “Moda Positano”

Walking through the alleys, under a bougainvillea roof, you cannot miss the Church of Santa Maria Teresa dell’Assunta which you can recognize from the unmistakable roof of colored majolica, built over the remains of an ancient Roman villa.
“Moda Positano” means a precise thing: light, light clothes, soft fabrics, low shoes and sandals and guaranteed elegance. Among the many local crafts and fashion shops you can choose the most beautiful pieces and bring a piece of Positano with you at home.

Take a bath in Positano

Obviously in Positano you can also take a bath and swim with an extraordinary view: the most important of the beaches is Spiaggia Grande, the most popular and also most crowded during the summer. Our advice is to go to Fornillo beach and it can be a good alternative: it is a smaller beach and you can find more locals.

See you on the next episode…