Excursion to Herculaneum from Sorrento – Discover how the ancient Romans lived

How did the Romans live? What were their homes like, what were their habits? There are two places in the world where you can find the answers to these questions – as well as in the books of course – one is Pompeii to be reached from Sorrento easily as we have already seen here and the other way is to visit Herculaneum departing from Sorrento.

What is special about Herculaneum? What is the difference between Pompeii and Herculaneum? First of all it is smaller than Pompeii and therefore perfect for a visit of a few hours but above all the houses, the decorations and the furnishings, are extraordinarily well preserved even better than Pompeii and also in this case the same lava that tragically destroyed the city has made its conservation possible.

Inside the domus, some even on two floors, you will be able to admire architectural elements from the Roman era, jewels, furnishings and all this made it possible to better reconstruct how the inhabitants of Ercolano lived, what were the differences between the families and in society.

What to see in Ercolano? Surely the Casa del Rilievo di Telefo with the columns at the entrance still red – the typical Pompeian red – or the Casa Sannitica in whose atrium it is still possible to admire the painted walls. The city of Herculaneum was the holiday resort of the patricians – thanks to the proximity to the sea and therefore to the mild climate – and this is why walking among the houses still standing and the meeting places of the time, like the baths, it is possible to have a clear vision of how people lived in Roman times and being able to discover it is a truly unique sensation.

And if you have the chance to visit Pompeii and Herculaneum in one day the excitement will be even stronger!
Trust us!