The grape harvest: the best thing to do in Italy during the autumn

Autumn in Italy means one thing: grape harvest! Although the harvest period in Italy runs from the end of August to the beginning of November, this is the most iconic moment for this practice and the one we have always associated with the idea of ​​harvest.
The grape harvest is a truly fascinating moment: as well as representing one of the fundamental steps for the production of wine that in Italy, you can imagine, it is a really important issue, is also a socially unique moment of sharing.
Historically, during the harvest all the inhabitants of the town took part in the harvest of the grapes from the vineyard, in the transport to the cellar and then to the transformation first into must and then finally into wine.

Today taking part in a harvest can be really cool: it will be the atmosphere, the colors so warm and vivid of autumn, the air at the beginning of November that gets colder, the beauty of touching the grapes with your own hands and putting it back gently in the baskets.

The grape harvest on the Vesuvius

The grape harvest on the Vesuvius can also be a lot of fun: the grapes are picked but it is made to the rhythm of the Neapolitan popular music and eating the dishes of the country tradition and obviously drinking Vesuvian wine.

Do you think it is complicated to participate in a grape harvest? No problem, you can experience the same atmosphere even during a visit to the vineyards of Vesuvius with wine tasting.

You will be able to experience the powerful and vibrant beauty of Vesuvius, which for centuries has been guarding the vineyards that produce Lacryma Christi, one of the best Italian wines in the world, already drunk by the Romans as we told you a few days ago here.

Cheers! 😉

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