Holidays in Sorrento  

Sorrento, the city of mermaids, Sorrento the Grand Tour, Sorrento all over the Gulf of Naples that opens before your eyes, Capri on the left, Vesuvius in front.
Sorrento, starting point, arrival point. Sorrento the ideal destination for summer holidays in Italy.
From here you can combine sea and nature, glamor and culture, silence and joy.

Holiday in Sorrento

Sorrento is perfect because it is a journey within a journey. Sleeping in Sorrento means returning from a day of excursions, taking a shower and going out again through the streets of the center. Let yourself be overwhelmed by the scents of the restaurants and the hidden beauties of the alleys and churches.

You can go to the sea in Marina Grande or to the beaches of the cities near Sorrento, Meta, Piano, Sant’Agnello and every time it will be like taking a dip in a different place. Or you can even swim among ancient Roman finds, such as at the Bagni delle Regina Giovanna and swim in the same waters that have lapped this part of the coast for centuries.

Sorrento is nature

From Sorrento you have several possibilities to explore the nature of the Sorrento peninsula that smells of lemons. Directly from Sorrento it is possible to reach Sant’Agata sui due Golfi through the Sant’Antonio path and once in Massa Lubrense and specifically in Termini you can take the Punta Campanella path or go towards Ieranto. Basically two pieces of paradise.


From Sorrento to…

From Sorrento every day there are infinite possibilities of discovery and beauty: you can go to Capri with private boats or small group tours or even reach Ischia and Procida. You can go to the Amalfi Coast, choose by sea or land and let yourself be captivated by the colors and the panorama. You can climb Vesuvius or live the experience of walking through the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum. You can go to Naples and fall in love with sounds, scents and people. And finally return to Sorrento in the evening and let yourself be lulled by memories while looking at the sea once again.

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