How to get to Sorrento (without stress!)

Everything is ready, suitcase prepared, tickets in hand and desire for a holiday. But you want to start it right away and you don’t want to miss a minute when you arrive at Naples airport.
To get to Sorrento or the Amalfi Coast there are three roads, we recommend two, trust us and you will see that your holiday will start well!
You can come by public transport, bus or train of the Circumvesuviana but you have already done some flight hours, you woke up early and you can’t wait to get comfortable and enjoy the sea.
Then we recommend two alternative methods to reach Sorrento: a private transfer in a luxury Mercedes or van if you are a small group of people or a transfer by sea on one of our luxury boats. In both cases you avoid stress, enjoy the panorama, travel with all the comforts and the only thought you will need to have will be to wear the costume as soon as you arrive and relax.
This is a vacation!