Seen from the sea Positano looks like a city that rises vertically, a pyramid of colored houses that stretches from the sea to the sky. Loved by the jet set and famous for its glamor, Positano also knows how to give flashes of rare beauty and moments of nature that are unique in the world. Discover it with us!

Church of Santa Maria Assunta

Its majolica dome is the symbol of Positano, you can see it from the city and in any photo or painting of Positano. Its origins date back to the 10th century on the foundations of a Benedictine monastery. The church to which the inhabitants of Positano are very attached is also very popular as a church where to celebrate Catholic weddings on the Amalfi Coast.
Useful info:
The Church is open every day and admission is free, during religious services it is not possible to visit it and appropriate clothing is recommended.

Arienzo beach and Fornillo beach

They are the two most famous beaches of Positano, both accessible via stairways carved into the rock (that of Arienzo can also be reached by sea from the port of Positano).
Seen from above, they look like small pieces of paradise, framed by vegetation and obviously by the sea.
Arienzo is is known as the “300 steps beach” and has excellent sun exposure throughout the day.
The beach of Fornillo instead is preferred by those who love tranquility and from 2020 enjoys the recognition of the “Blue Flag” by the Foundation for Enviromental Education Italia.
Positano has some of the most picturesque and envied beaches in Italy.

Li Galli Islands

They are a small archipelago of 3 islets located right in front of Positano. In more recent times, Li Galli was the home of the Russian dancer Rudolf Nureyev who hosted many famous people, such as Queen Margharet of England, Onassis and Jackie Kennedy…
The origin of the name is directly connected with the Greek myth of the sirens. Greek legends and epic poems says that the Sirens used to live around the isles. Greek sailors used to describe the sirens as mythological creatures with female face and rapacious body. From here the connection with the word “Galli” that indicate a specie of rapacious birds, translated “Li Galli”. Those creatures were know as a big danger for sailor, as they used to attack the ships and kill the crew. You don’t know how to see them? Click here you will find an organized boat tour Amalfi Coast Boat Tour from Sorrento – Buyourtour

Alleys of Positano

The narrow streets that go up and down in Positano are a journey within a journey: every corner hides something beautiful to discover: a glimpse, a shop, a door. Three things to take home after a shopping trip in Positano: a pair of handmade sandals, a ceramic object, a bottle of limoncello.
From the Piazza you can follow a path down to the main beach where there is a splendid view of Li Galli, the islands where Ulysses is said to have seen the sirens.
Spiaggia Grande is the heart of Positano’s waterfront. Spanning 300 meters, this beach is one of the largest on the Amalfi Coast, as well as one of the most glamorous, attracting a fashionable crowd of artists, actors, and celebrities.

The Path of Gods

The Sentiero degli Dei links the tiny hilltop town of Agerola with Nocelle, a fraction of Positano nestled on the slopes of Monte Peruso. The name of the footpath, The Path of the Gods, is an indication of the spectacular scenery enroute.
The village of Nocelle, a mountain hamlet of Positano, is the arrival point of the famous Path of the Gods which starts from Bomerano, a fraction of Agerola. Once in Positano, after the sea, shopping, limoncello, this route is one of the things to do absolutely!
Useful Info: Duration: about 3 hrs   Length: 7.8 km
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