Summer 2020 in Sorrento: let’s start thinking about it!

We are exhausted. This winter has been going on for months, doesn’t it also seem to you that it has been winter for a year? To us, yes and in fact as, far as we are concerned, we could have closed the matter immediately after Christmas, maximum mid-January, to be good, and instead not! February is only halfway through and we still have to wait to go to the beach. And what do you do when you wait for summer? Well, only one thing: you think about holidays!

Are you thinking of coming on holiday to Sorrento this year? Are you thinking to do an excursion or a boat tour on Capri or on the Amalfi Coast, Positano or Amalfi? Well you are in the right place, we create magic: we make the wait for the summer holidays a little shorter!

A boat tour on Capri?

Easy: the tour of Capri by boat starts from Sorrento, from 1st March onwards, every day, and you sail to Capri which can be reached in less than an hour of navigation and stopping to see the Marciano waterfall and then the Cala of Mitigliano and Punta Campanella. The trip to Capri continues sailing to the mythical Faraglioni and Marina Piccola. There will also be time to take a walk around the island and stroll between the famous Piazzetta and the streets of the historic center of Capri. And the Blue Grotto? Obviously there is in the itinerary: it is scheduled on the return. Visiting it will be like entering a daydream …

Or the Amalfi Coast by boat?

Also in this case the tour of the Amalfi Coast by boat starts from Sorrento, this time from April onwards every day, and during navigation you will pass from Punta Campanella where the Sorrento Coast ends and the Amalfi Coast begins, passing through the spectacular island de Li Galli and then Nerano, Praiano and the famous Fjord of Furore, known all over the world for the diving competition in the open sea.
The tour of the Amalfi Coast by boat also includes two stops in Positano and Amalfi, so you can walk through the streets of the two most famous villages, fall in love with the views of the sea, the craft shops (does Moda Positano tell you nothing?) and the panorama, unique in the world.

So? Do you feel like you’re already here?

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