Taste the wine of the ancient Romans to take a journey through time

What must a vacation in Sorrento or Naples have to be memorable? Let’s make a list together:
– Breathtaking views: there are!
– Unique atmosphere in the world: and there is!
– Food so good to make you move: yes we confirm there is!
– Good wine at aperitif time, for lunch, for dinner: yes, of course yes!!!

If there is one thing that never fails on our table is a glass of Campanian wine. For us, wine is that extra touch that makes food even more tasty and good: the taste of what we eat is enhanced and automatically becomes more good all.
The Romans were well aware that wine was fundamental at the table, and of course the inhabitants of Pompeii usually drank as can be seen in the mosaics and artifacts found in the excavations and that you can admire with a tour of Pompeii and Vesuvius with tasting of typical wine or with a tour of the two cities Pompeii and Herculaneum with wine tasting also in this case.

Lacryma Christi: the wine of Vesuvius

The nearby Vesuvius has always been rich in vines that produced and produce one of the most famous wines in the world and already known even by the ancient Romans: Lacryma Christi, a full-bodied and exquisite wine whose origins date back to the 5th century BC
Lacryma Christi can be red, made with Piedirosso grapes or white made with Caprettone grapes. The taste for both is unmistakable thanks to the fact that it is produced on a soil that is as porous and moist as that of Vesuvius.

Drinking a good glass of Lacryma Christi together with a typical dish like a bruschetta with tomato is something that brings you back to the world.

Close your eyes, open them again and look around: the Vesuvius behind you, the remains of Pompeii in the background: it will be like being an ancient Roman, during a party that lasts until dawn …

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