What to do in Sorrento in winter

Once the holidays are over, you return to everyday life – yes we know, don’t do that face. We even do it in Sorrento!

But winter in Sorrento is not so bad. Do you want to know what to do when it’s not summer in Sorrento? Well, there are a lot of things to do and see and above all with a more relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, without crowds and confusion. There are also many excursions that you can do even in winter, look here

The view from Sorrento

On clear winter days, the most beautiful thing to do is also the most banal: strolling from the center to the Municipal villa of Sorrento, sitting on a bench and enjoying the panorama of the Gulf of Naples, with Vesuvius that seems to embrace all the houses up to the sea, from where placid Capri emerges.

Walk through the alleys

It is not true that in winter everything is closed in Sorrento: some historic shops remain open all year round. This is the best time to admire the typical crafts of Sorrento and enjoy the historic center without too many people. And when you are in the historic center there is an unmissable thing: the cloister of San Francesco, a small oasis of peace where weddings are often celebrated in Sorrento.

Go for museums in Sorrento

Two names above all: the Correale Museum, with its luxuriant park and the Museo Bottega della Tarsia Lignea in the heart of the historic center. The Correale Museum collects a rich collection of archaeological finds, paintings and porcelain. The Museo della Tarsia, housed in a historic building, is dedicated to the ancient art of both local and international inlay.

Winter trekking

When the days allow it from Sorrento it is always possible to make some excursions on foot: our favorite itinerary? Get to the Baths of Queen Giovanna and enjoy the inlet in the middle of winter. It will seem to touch Capri with one hand while the sea breaks on the rocks. A unique show!

Then? Are you coming to Sorrento in winter? 😉

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