Visit Pompeii from Sorrento – Something to do at least once in your life

There are places to see at least once in your life (maybe even two or three times…) and the Archaeological Excavations of Pompeii are among them. Surely one of the things to do in Sorrento is the full day tour to Pompeii to experience a journey not only physical but above all a time travel

The unique wonder of Pompeii is the fact of being able to walk in a city that despite the centuries has remained practically intact thanks to the element – and here comes the beauty – that has destroyed it.

The lava of Vesuvius in fact covering all that it has encountered along its path, has on one side sown death and destroyed the city but on the other it has preserved it for the following centuries, as in a sort of shell.

Emerged into the light, the Scavi di Pompei are a wonderful and unique testimony of Roman life, of how the city was organized, of how people lived, of commerce and moments of social life.

A day at the excavations of Pompeii is an experience that you will remember for a lifetime: it is not every day that you enter a Roman villa and be able to admire the courtyards, the columns, the mosaics and understand how much Pompeii was in Roman times a rich and flourishing city. Entering the shops, amphitheatres and temples will be like breathing the air of that moment, just before the eruption of Vesuvius. Being able to look at petrified bodies and re-emerge in the excavations is a strong sensation but at the same time significant and full of energy.

This is why every day the excavations of Pompeii are so visited by the whole world and this can sometimes discourage but don’t worry! there is a way to skip the line in Pompeii and visit also Herculaneum (and of Herculaneum we will talk in the next episode ;)) and immediately enter this world stopped in time, so full of charm and beauty.

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